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Brooke's Pokemon and Digimon

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16 January
I am a twenty something girl from a small Illinois town who enjoys reading, writing, and all things that have to do with trading cards. I have also recently got hooked on Pokemon marbles, which has caused me start collecting more and more. I think my marble craze started when I bought a poke-ball marble carrier off of ebay. Anyway I have a blog at www.questinganagent.blogspot.com detailing my writing career, which I try to update as often as I can. Writing is not the way that I make a living so any updates are done after my day job and side job of selling on ebay is complete. I have written fictional fantasy novel that I would love to see published, but I am still waiting for that magical literary agent to come along. I also write a few book reviews here and there for www.readdreamrelax.com. Reading is another big hobby of mine, so when Ellen Hopkin's new book comes out you might not see me for a few hours until I have it finished. I currently work as a janitor to fund my basic cost of living as well as my trading card and collectable habit, and I am completely wrapped up in anything that has to do with pokemon. I hope this let's you know a little bit about who I am.

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