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Pokemon Sales

Sales Rules
I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96.
I follow all PKMNcollectors rules and guidelines and expect my buyers to do the same.
I ship from the US. I will ship worldwide as long as the buyer is willing to pay the shipping. Shipping starts out at 2.54 with tracking and 0.71-0.98 as a flat without tracking in the US. I can ship internationally as a flat starting at 1.20. Packages vary.

Please comment and either commit to an item or ask for a quote. If you are committed I may be willing to hold items for you for a time to be determined by me but not to exceed one week.
All prices are in US dollars and all prices are negotiable. I am willing to haggle or trade. I have a work in progress wants list available on my journal.
I have the right to refuse sales to anyone.
First come first served unless you are committing to a sale.
Please leave me feedback and I will do the same after the sale.

Pokemon Treat Keepers - All 5$ Each OBO, except Bulbasaur which is 10$ OBO

Pokemon Tretta Pic 1 - 1$ Each

Pokemon Tretta - Pic 2 1$ Each

Tretta Pic 3 - 1$ Each

Pokemon Tretta Pic 4 - 1$ Each

Pokemon Tretta Pic 5 - 1$ Each

Pokemon Tretta Eeveelutions - 25$ for all or 3$ Individually

Pokemon Tretta - Special Lot - 2$ Each For Top Row - Everything Else 1$

Brown Pokeball Coin Bank (Small crack near front clasp.) 1$

Pikachu Wind Up Walkers - 20$ for all or 6$ individually.

Pokemon Standees (Can ship as flats.)

Goldeen 3$ OBO

Pidgey 3$ OBO

Pidgeotto 3$ OBO

Pidgeot 3$ OBO

Japanese Pokemon Gold Version
(Plays well, not sure about saving since I cant read Japanese.) 5$ OBO

All Pokemon Cards Can Ship As Flats.

Pokemon Cards - 50 Cents Each
Dark Electrode and Dark Primeape Sold

Pokemon Energy Card Lot 1$ for All

Pokemon Chansey Coin 50 cents

Pokemon Pikachu Power Deck Code Card 1$ (Can be emailed)

Pokemon Tazos - 25cents each (Can be shipped as flats. Buy 2 get 1 free.)

All Ceramic Pikachus 1$ Each. Open to trades for them as well.

Get a Full Set of 8 for 5$ Plus Shipping!

Ceramic Pika 1 and 2

Ceramic Pika 3, 4, and 5

Ceramic Pika 6-12

Ceramic Pika 13-16

Ceramic Pika 17-23

Ceramic Pika A-F

Ceramic Pika G-K

Ceramic Pika L-Q

Ceramic Broken Pika - Free with any purchase. Just needs glued together.

Pokemon Pracoro Empty Boxes
(Can be shipped as flats.)
50 Cents Each Unless Stated Below
Buy 2 Get 2 Free



Electabuzz 1

Aerodactyl 1









Surfing Pikachu 1$






Electabuzz 2






Aerodactyl 2


Pokemon Mighty Beans

Jigglypuff has a crack on top asking .50cents
Graveler asking 1$

Pokemon Stencil

Asking 1$


1$ Each or Get All For 3$

Digimon Wants List - Work in Progress

Zippered Plush:
Gatomon is the only one I'm missing from these plush. They have a zipper on them that allows the digimon to transform into an egg.

Digimon Beanie Plush:
Beanies I need are: Pixiemon, Monzaemon, Frigimon, and Bukamon.

Also looking for Monzaemon zippered pouch that was just recently released.

Will accept unique Patamon, Gomamon, Monzaemon, Elekmon, Piximon, and Frigimon merchandise for trades as well.

Pokemon Wants List - Work in Progress

I'm looking for these in any color.

Pokémon Metal Figures: Rattata, fearow, nidorino, nidoking, ninetails, vileplume, growlithe, poliwrath, abra, alakazam, tentacool, tentacruel, ponyta, slowpoke, farfetch'd, doduo, dodrio, kingler, exeggcute, hitmonlee, hitmonchan, seaking, mr. mime, scyther, electabuzz, magikarp, kabutops, articuno, zapdos, moltres.

I'm also looking for the human metal figures with their pokemon. The ones I need are:

I also collect Pracoro Dice. There are a few I need of them so if you have some you would like to trade feel free to offer them.

I am also looking for the metallic Pokemon figures that are hollow. All I have of those is Pikachu, Mew, Mewtwo, Charizard, Venusaur, Hitmonlee and these:

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